MBTA Orange Line work reaches halfway mark

Written by RT&S Staff
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The MBTA has announced that 50% of the work taking place along the Orange Line during the 30-day closure is complete.

Overall, work teams have completed:

·       44% of rail replacement; 

·       49% of track renewal/tie replacement;

·       84% of special trackwork, like trackwork at crossovers; and 

·       22% of cologne eggs and rail fastener work.

Earlier in the project, crews completed rail replacement between Downtown Crossing and State Street stations over an unencumbered two-day period, which was about 900 ft of track. This track replacement was one of the six slow zones that the MBTA was aiming to address during the Orange Line shutdown. To put this into context, when MBTA crews work during overnight hours when the subway is closed, they are able to replace about 39 ft of track a night after materials are staged and the third rail power is cut. The rest of the slow zones also are in the process of being completed.

As of this week, an additional four of the MBTA’s projects have been completed: crossover improvements at Ruggles station, rail welding at Forest Hills station, canopy work at Sullivan Square station, and security enhancements at North Station. Crossover work at Jackson Square also was finished on Sept. 2. Tie replacement also continues between the Dana Bridge and Community College station. Work teams near Wellington station began de-stressing rail and continued electrical connections at special trackwork locations. At the Tufts Curve, crews are continuing to replace cologne eggs, which are fasteners that allow crews to directly affix rail to the concrete pads utilized on certain parts of the Orange Line. The signal upgrades at Oak Grove and Malden stations also have reached 47% completion.

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