Harsco and Singapore: 15 years and counting

Written by William Vantuono, editor-in-chief, Railway Age
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Harsco Rail has been doing business with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) for 15 years, and the business is set to continue.

The relationship has just been extended by LTA’s purchase of a specialized 16-stone grinder.

The grinding machine, scheduled for delivery in 2020, was designed to accommodate electric motors and to operate on Singapore’s new Thomson-East Coast Line.

Harsco Rail President Jeswant Gill pointed to the longstanding relationship with LTA as “a key factor” in the award of the new contract. “We have developed a strong partnership and open communication with LTA over the past 15 years,” he said. “Because of that strong foundation, we were able to develop a quality product that supports the specific needs of the Singapore railway system.”

The LTA focuses on planning, designing, building and maintenance of Singapore’s land transport systems and infrastructure.

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