Ontario Northland ratifies five-year agreement with Teamsters Rail

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, editor

Northland Transportation Commission (Ontario Northland) and Teamsters Rail Conference Maintenance of Way Employees Division (TCRC MWED) ratified a new five-year collective agreement with 94 percent of the vote was in favor of the agreement.


“The agreement provides stability for Teamsters Rail employees, as well as the company,” said Corina Moore, interim president and chief executive officer of Ontario Northland. “This is a critical time for Ontario Northland and meaningful changes are needed in order to build a positive, sustainable future. I am pleased with the overwhelming support from the membership and the collaborative approach shown from both bargaining teams.”

“I am happy that the membership strongly supported the agreement,” said Louis Wilson, representative of TCRC MWED. “We listened to the needs of our membership and were able to reach a long-term agreement that contributes to the success of the organization.”
TCRC MWED represents 161 unionized employees who are responsible for maintaining Ontario Northland’s rail infrastructure, including track, buildings and bridges along the rail line.

Ontario Northland says transformation of the company is underway and the unions and employees have a vital role in shaping a sustainable future for the organization. Ontario Northland also noted that this agreement is an important step in creating a revitalized organization.