Rail-related projects receive $279 million in TIGER funds

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United States Department of Transportation awarded $511 million in TIGER III discretionary grants to 46 capital construction projects in 33 states, of which $279 million of funding will go to rail-related projects.

Below is an overview, courtesy of the National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association, Inc.:

Project/ Location/ Amount/ Type
South Jersey Port DelAir Bridge Rail Improvements; New Jersey/Pennsylvania; $18,500,000; freight rail (port)

Port of Long Beach Rail Realignment and Expansion; Long Beach, Calif.; $17,000,000, freight rail (port)

Jacksonville Port/Dames Point Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (CSX served); Jacksonville, Fla.; $10,000,000; freight rail (port)

Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor Rutherford Intermodal Facility Expansion; Harrisburg, Pa.; $15,000,000; freight rail/intermodal facility/port

Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor Intermodal Facility; Prichard, W.Va.; $12,000,000; freight rail/intermodal facility/port

Northern Montana Multimodal Hub/BNSF Rail Facility; Shelby, Mont.; $9,998,910; freight rail terminal/inland port

Port of New Orleans Rail Yard Improvements; New Orleans, La.; $16,738,246; freight rail yard/port

BNSF Freight Rail/Amtrak Empire Corridor Rail Line Raising; Devils Lake-Churchs Ferry, N.D.; $10,000,000; freight rail/intercity passenger rail

Farmrail Freight Rail Oil and Gas Upgrade Anadarko; Basin, Okla.; $6,756,580; freight rail (short line)

Solomon Rural Freight Rail Upgrade (Kyle Railroad/RailAmerica); North Central Kansas; $6,568,095; freight rail (shortline)

Muldraugh Rail Bridges Replacement (Paducah & Louisville Railroad); Fort Knox, Ky.; $11,558,220; freight rail bridges (shortline)

MBTA Merrimack River Rail Bridge Rehabilitation; Haverhill, Mass.; $10,000,000; commuter rail/intercity passenger rail/freight rail

DART Orange Line Extension; Dallas, Texas; $5,000,000; rail transit

CTA Blue Line Renewal & City Bike Share; Chicago, Ill.; $20,000,000; rail transit/bike

LYNX Blue Line Capacity Expansion; Charlotte, N.C.; $18,000,000; rail transit/stations

GCRTA Mayfield Transit Station; Cleveland, Ohio; $12,503,200; rail transit/stations

Transit Interchange Construction/Target Field Light Rail Station; Minneapolis, Minn.; $10,000,000; rail transit/stations

Sound Transit South Link Light Rail Construction; Seattle, Wash.; $10,000,000; rail transit/stations

Regional Multimodal Transportation Station; Alton, Ill.; $13,850,000; station/bus/intercity passenger rail

VIA Westside Multimodal Transit Center; San Antonio, Texas; $15,000,000; station/bus/streetcar/commuter rail

Stamford Intermodal Access; Stamford, Conn.; $10,500,000; station/pedestrian/bus/commuter rail

Riverfront Streetcar Loop; Cincinnati, Ohio; $10,920,000; Streetcar

The recently completed FY2012 appropriations process included $500 million for a TIGER IV program, which will be put into motion next year.

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