VTA votes on ‘foundational backbone’ of BART extension project

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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VTA is ready to vote on a critical BART extension project.

At the VTA Board of Directors meeting on May 5 the VTA Board will vote on a contract for the initial stage of the tunnel and trackwork, known as Contract Package 2 (CP2) for VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Extension (BSVII) Project.

CP2 is the largest of four contracts serving as the foundational backbone of the BSVII Project, interfacing with the three other Contract Packages and ultimately includes building the majority of the infrastructure that will enable the remaining contracts to be successfully delivered.

The pending award of this preliminary stage for this contract signifies a major milestone for the project, and further demonstrates VTA’s continued efforts and commitment to delivering BART service to downtown San José and Santa Clara. 

Contract Package 2 will be delivered through a progressive design-build delivery method, via two stages, further described below.

At the May VTA Board Meeting, the VTA Board will vote on the initial Stage 1 phase of the contract. This is anticipated as the first request of a series of Board Award authorizations for CP2 that will occur from now through 2023. 

Stage 1 includes further advancing design, review of innovations, and continued detailed development of schedules and cost estimates – all in an open-collaborative environment. This work will include collaboration between the CP2 contractor, VTA, BART, the city of San Jose, city of Santa Clara, and the community.

Some early construction activities, such as utility relocations and building demolition, may occur during this stage also. During this stage, the final configuration within the limits of the currently approved project, the total construction cost, and the schedule for completion work will be determined, setting the stage for major construction (Stage 2).

During Stage 2, the CP2 contractor will begin the heavy construction phase and continue working with VTA, other contract packages, and stakeholders as the project progresses ultimately towards final completion. 

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