Falling concrete from rail bridge in Ohio has Norfolk Southern contemplating a long-term fix

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Norfolk Southern says it will send a team out to check a rail bridge in Cleveland.
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Norfolk Southern crews were on-site in Bucyrus, Ohio, over the weekend after a piece of loose concrete fell from one of its rail bridges over the weekend. 

The Class 1 railroad checked the bridge on March 7 and discovered that this winter’s freeze-thaw cycles had loosened concrete, and were trying to determine if a long-term fix was needed.

Bucyrus Police received calls on Saturday afternoon that concrete was falling from the bridge and onto East Mary Street. The area was closed to traffic so Norfolk Southern could inspect the bridge, but the road was back open by Saturday night. The bridge was built in the 1930s.

Loose concrete, called spalling by the city of Bucyrus, was removed from the bridge structure prior to Mary Street being reopened.

City officials say it has been working with Norfolk Southern, CSX and CF&E railroads on rail bridges throughout Bucyrus in regards to appearance and safety over the years. Norfolk Southern should have a more permanent solution for the Mary Street bridge by the end of this week or early part of next week.

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