Motorists complain about potholes at Durham, N.C., railroad crossing; one side gets fixed while the other does not

Written by RT&S Staff
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When the problem is half-fixed, you still have a problem remaining. That is the case for a pair of railroad tracks in Durham, N.C. CBS 17 did a story on the crossing after several viewers were complaining about potholes. So far the potholes around tracks owned by one Class 1 railroad company have been addressed.

The crossing is located at Hoover Road and Angier Avenue, and one driver told CBS 17 that the railroad tracks are completely exposed from the paved road.

The track on the north end is owned by CSX, while the south end track sits on Norfolk Southern property. CSX had crews out and resurfaced their side of the crossing, but nothing has been done to the other side. Norfolk Southern says one of its track inspectors was out at the site recently and reported it was in good, safe condition. Norfolk Southern also claims it was out executing maintenance work on the crossing a few months ago.

Both CSX and Norfolk Southern say they are not responsible for the pavement leading up to the tracks.

Watch CBS 17’s report on this crossing.

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