Short line railroad company in Denver receives settlement to move track

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
short line railroad
Eleven Hopedale residents have managed to put a land agreement with a short line railroader on pause.

If you pay someone enough they will leave.

It is happening in Denver, where Denver Rock Island Railroad is moving 3 miles of rail along the South Platte River so the National Western Center can be constructed.

Denver Rock Island Railroad is getting $16.75 million to clear the space. The short-liner was not happy with how negotiations were moving and filed a federal lawsuit. Denver Rock Island Railroad accused the city of Denver after officials tried to use intimidation tactics to get the tracks removed. Negotiations were ultimately cancelled, and the city said it was going to move forward with the project by removing the rail itself, claiming eminent domain. A federal court ruled in favor of the short-liner and set the settlement at $16.75 million.

Denver Rock Island Railroad will consolidate its tracks with a BNSF corridor at the core of the project. Fourteen at-grade crossings will be eliminated.

The city of Denver will borrow $1.45 million from its general fund to help pay for the settlement, a move that was approved by the City Council with some reservations. Some council members are concerned how the general fund will be reimbursed.

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