Fire damage on rail bridge in Arizona not as bad as first reported; span set to be open by Sept. 22

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
rail bridge
Genesee & Wyoming

It looks like the Arizona & California Railroad rail bridge that caught on fire on Sept. 14 will be back in service by Sept. 22.

The damage to the span that crosses over the Colorado River when news first broke appeared to be severe, but according to Genesee & Wyoming, which owns Arizona & California Railroad, most of the damage was confined to one of the approaches. Michael Williams, Genesee & Wyoming’s Vice President for Communication, says the damage to the timber approaches was mainly charring and not structural. The railroad also is replacing warped rail and wood ties.

The line is an important part of the gateway between Arizona and California and carries a lot of commerce, mainly agricultural products, construction products, lumber and petroleum products.

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