UP bridge designed to withstand flooding is almost done in Nebraska

Written by RT&S Staff

Union Pacific is putting the finishing touches on a bridge in Colfax County, Neb., and in about two years a highway bridge should be in the completion phase right next to the railroad span.

Work is being done on County Road D between Roads 15 and 16. The Union Pacific bridge crosses over Shell Creek, and crews are replacing a small span with a much larger one. The focus is to eliminate a troublesome flood risk. Back in 2019 the area suffered  historic flooding, and a year before that heavy rainfall toward the Columbus and Platte Center caused water to flow into Colfax County. The new Union Pacific bridge will be high enough to handle twice the water capacity as the old bridge.

Crews are currently cleaning the area, and the county is expected to design a vehicular bridge that will match the specs of the railroad version.

Colfax County, Union Pacific, and the Lower Platte North Natural Resources District have come together during the railroad project, which officials have noted has moved along at a good pace.

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