N.Y. town wants CSX to take the threat of flooding more seriously

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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CSX says it is doing everything it can to prevent debris from building up at a bridge site in New York.

A CSX railroad bridge over Sauquoit Creek in Whitesboro, N.Y., is a gathering place for the wrong kind.

Whitesboro Mayor Robert Friedlander said the span acts like a barrier and collects debris, which in turn creates dam-like conditions. Back in 2019 the problem was so serious New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to sue CSX if a new bridge was not constructed. A storm in late 2019 flooded the area, increasing the concern about the impact of the CSX structure.

CSX knows about the hazard and believes upstream development also is contributing to the rising water threat. The Class 1 company said it has been working with the New York State Department of Transportation to remove debris under the bridge. That relationship is expected to continue.

Friedlander, however, said he has not heard one word from CSX despite his attempts of reaching out to the railroad. The mayor mentioned that CSX and the state have been monitoring the situation, but he wants a supervisor from the Class 1 to visit the site and survey the potential threat.

As for the lawsuit, it appears New York is choosing to work with CSX instead, and has spent millions of dollars to help control the problem.

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